Marketplace Ministry Business Partners

Our vision for SEU Jacksonville is to help students prepare differently for their future careers. Starting in the 2020-2021 school year, SEU JAX is seeking to partner with Christ-centered businesses to create internships that may eventually lead to career opportunities for our students. This will come to life progressively in the following three tiers:


External Practicums



Job Placement

Interested marketplace businesses may contact our team at for next steps.

Legacy Team Scholarship Donors

SEU Jacksonville seeks to empower students to leave a legacy in whatever sphere of life God has called them to. At SEU Jacksonville, students not only receive an academic education, but they respond to a calling, whether it be in the area of business, psychology, vocational ministry (or many others). We believe in the power of a custom and hands-on education that equips students to do kingdom work in any career path.

As a giver, you have the unique opportunity to invest into the next generation of kingdom leaders by helping fund three (3) scholarship opportunities for SEU Jacksonville, to encourage students to reach their fullest potential in this area. Our Legacy Funded Scholarships are: The Mike Black Scholarship, The Community Leader Scholarship, and the Legacy Scholarship. This project also encourages prospective students (with high potential but financial difficulties) to enter SEU Jacksonville and grow holistically over their four-year degree experience.

Ready to Donate? Contact for the direct link.

Local Church Partnership

At SEU Jacksonville, we believe in serving, strengthening, and investing into local churches across the city of Jacksonville.
For churches with existing ministry training, SEU Jacksonville seeks to complement this important experience by providing a world-class strong academic degree program, where students can continue training within their local church and will simultaneously complete a SACS-accredited college degree (associate’s or bachelor’s). Students can earn up to 24 free credits while serving in a practicum capacity at their local church.

For churches with no existing ministry training, SEU Jacksonville seeks to provide both a strong academic degree program and pair it with hands-on training in areas like pastoral leadership, worship, missions, business/communications, digital media, or psychology and human services. Students can earn up to 24 free credits completing their training at SEU Jacksonville, while remaining planted and serving at their own local church.

Our prayer for all students of SEU Jacksonville is to not only equip them academically, but to help them grow holistically: spiritually, practically, and within community. We believe every student in every degree path is training for Kingdom work, whether it be in ministry, business, counseling, or any other path God calls them to.

Contact our team about partnering with SEU Jacksonville today:

(904) 404.9231