College is one of the most important investments you will make in your life, and our team is dedicated to help you discover how affordable a Christian college education really can be. Choose your student type from the buttons below to find information tailored to you.

Estimated Total/Semester:

Tuition ($339/credit hour) = $4,725*
Site Fee = $1,350
Tech Fee = $200
*For a full time, 15 credit hour student

Degree Seeking


Estimated Financial Aid/Semester:
EASE Grant = ($1,750)
Practicum Scholarship = ($945)
Pell Grant (FAFSA) = ($0-$3,097)

Estimated Semester Total: $3,860*

*Graduate Degree programs vary due to program. For more info on Graduate Pricing, visit

Scholarships and Student Aid


EASE Grant
    • The Effective Access to Student Education (EASE) Grant, formally known as the Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG) is a state of Florida private institution grant; non-need based grant. This grant covers $2,841/year for qualified students. This grant is awarded to undergraduate students who have not received a first bachelor’s degree. Student must be enrolled as a full-time student (12 credit hours). In order to receive this grant, students will need to complete the EASE application and proof of Florida Residency. In order to do these things, complete the following steps:
      • Log in to Net Partner
      • Click on the menu button in the top left corner.
      • Click on “Documents and Messages”.
      • Select “Complete it now” next to the EASE application.
      • Select “Upload it now” next to the Proof of Florida Residency.
    • For questions regarding the EASE grant, contact our Enrollment Counselor: 
Practicum Scholarship

This scholarship pays for all SEU Jacksonville students to attend up to (24) practicum courses for free over the life of their 4-year degree. This accounts to over $7,500 in savings for the student!

Florida Bright Futures

This program provides scholarships based on high school academic achievement. It has three award levels: the Florida Academic Scholars Award, Florida Medallion Scholars Award, and Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award. Each award has different academic criteria for eligibility and provides a different award amount and/or number of semester hours. For more information on the amount of your Bright Futures Scholarships Southeastern University Jacksonville will accept, contact our Enrollment Counselor:

For more information on Florida Bright Futures, visit the website:

Florida Pre-Paid
Southeastern University Jacksonville accepts Florida Pre-Paid programs. For more information on Florida Pre-Paid, visit the website:
Veteran’s Benefits

Upon receival of Certificate of Eligibility, Southeastern University Jacksonville accepts GI Bills from any military veteran’s benefits or mother/father benefits. For more information on Southeastern University Jacksonville’s Veteran’s Benefits, contact our Enrollment Counselor: For more information on Veteran’s Educational Benefits and Services, visit the website:

Pell Grants/Needs-Based Grants
Upon submission of this year’s FAFSA, you may be eligible for government-issued Pell Grants and/or needs-based grants, both applicable to Southeastern University Jacksonville’s tuition costs. Using our school code (001521), the FAFSA will determine your eligibility for all financial awards, grants, work-study programs, and loans. Once your FAFSA is completed, our team will be in contact with you to discuss your award letter any grants available. To complete your FAFSA, visit:
Student Referral Scholarship
This scholarship has been created by Southeastern University Jacksonville to allow current students the opportunity to invite their friends or family to join the SEU JAX family! Referral scholarships are a one-time ($200) scholarship toward the following semester’s site fee, as a benefit for recruiting a new student who enrolls and takes courses at SEU Jacksonville. One-time scholarship of $200 off site fee. No cap– the recruiting can be endless!
Jacksonville Christian School Scholarships
Christian school scholarships are one-time ($500) scholarships awarded to first-time freshmen who are seeking a degree with SEU Jacksonville after completing high school at a private Christian school. ($500) scholarship will be divided over two semesters. Scholarship is for first-time freshman only.
Free Application for Federal Student Aid

If you do not have a financial plan for college, we advise each student to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be eligible for state funding. Using our school code (001521), the FAFSA will determine your eligibility for all financial awards, grants, work-study programs, and loans. For any questions regarding the completion of a FAFSA, feel free to contact our team and we will help walk you through this process.

Non-Degree Seeking


Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

At SEU Jacksonville, you get the opportunity as a high school student to not only get ahead academically through our Dual Enrollment program, but also get ahead financially. Our Dual Enrollment Financial Program means dual enrollment tuition you pay while in high school will be deducted to your tuition as an undergraduate program!*

Fast Facts:

  • Dual Enrollment Tuition is discounted to $157.50/credit hour (half the undergraduate rate)
  • Dual enrollment students must be at least a sophomore, and have a high school unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Classes are offered face-to-face at SEU Jacksonville

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